Farm Credit, Loans, & Insurance for Rural America

Since 1997, we have been in business to provide farm credit to meet the financial needs of the American farmer. Farm credit differs from typical bank credit and we are experts in the precise financial needs of farmers. When you are in need of financial assistance in the form of farm loans or farm insurance, let us be your provider. Our experienced and courteous staff is ready to design a farm credit financial program to meet your exact specifications.

Understanding and anticipating the needs of the farmer and rancher gives us a distinct advantage over other lenders. Farm credit is available to provide financing for land and building purchases and to extend your existing farm. When you need to purchase additional farm equipment, feed, seed, livestock and supplies, we have loans tailor made to meet those needs.

Farmers who have been working the land for generations appreciate our dedication to this demanding way of life. We understand the complex issues facing today’s farmers and we provide flexible repayment terms that can be customized to fit the farmer’s schedule. New farmers need an experienced lender to rely on. For financing or insurance, let us meet all your farm credit needs.

Our farm loans are extended with competitive interest rates. Our rates are not only low interest, but those interest rates are also stable. There will be no surprises at closing. In the event that you are able to repay your loan early, there are no penalties for early payoffs. It is important to note that our loans are guaranteed by Farmer Mac, an agency of the federal government.

We can provide various types of farm loans. Customers who are interested in a fixed-rate loan can secure a standard loan for a term of 10 to 30 years. This is the most commonly known loan and many farmers select this option.

To maintain a little of your own money in the bank, a number of farm credit loans are extended using adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs). These mortgages begin with a lower interest rate. After an initial period, the interest rate is adjusted to the current market level. The initial period is typically for no more than 12 months.

To enjoy that money in your pocket for a little longer, consider a hybrid ARM. These loans maintain a lower fixed interest rate for three to ten years. At the end of that time, the loan is changed to an adjustable rate mortgage. This is a relatively new concept in farm credit and we are proud to be able to offer this to our customers.

Some customers, especially those with more urgent current financial needs, are selecting interest-only loans. Since no equity is earned, this type of loan does necessitate some serious consideration. However, the benefit of this loan is that it frequently allows borrowers to obtain property that has a greater value than they could otherwise afford.

If this sounds a little confusing, don’t worry. Our staff is fully trained and can explain your options and answer all of your farm credit questions. We are dedicated to providing you with the best financial services available. We are committed to helping the American farmer not just succeed, but to thrive. Farmers are the backbone of this country and we understand their specific needs. Furthermore, we have the resources available to provide these outstanding services to farmers across the country.

With reasonable credit and the ability to repay the loan, you can access our resources and get the farm financing that you need. We are here to help you buy, maintain or expand your farm.

Our services are also extended to individuals and families who opt to build or buy a home in one of the country’s rural areas. Contact us to see if you qualify. It could be one of the best decisions you make regarding home financing.

When farmers are faced with financial decisions, a growing number of them are turning to lenders who specialize in providing loans and financial services designed specifically for the American farmer. We can provide services that traditional lenders cannot match. We understand the needs of the farmer and the nature of the business. Farm credit services realize that when the American farmer succeeds, then America as a whole succeeds.

Service after the loan is also a priority. Farm financial providers are your neighbors. Getting you the money you need is just our first mission. After that, we intend to be here to help you along the way. Experience in farm lending is just one area of specialization. Adequate insurance coverage should be obtained to insure your farm and property in case of an emergency. On our staff you will find a number of experienced insurance agents who can guide you through the insurance process. We understand the necessity of adequate insurance but we also understand that farmers have the right to select their own policy limits and deductible amounts.

For all of your farm credit needs, log on or give us a call. We are here for you.